Square Foot Gardening So easy, even a caveman can do it!!!!!


First things first, pick a location that get 6-8 hours of sunlight, that isn’t under a tree or shrub roots, that’s close to house and that doesn’t puddle when it rains.

Now for the soil mix

1 ea. 4 cubic foot bag of vermiculite (use ¾ of bag)

2 ea. Daddy Pete’s planting mix 25qt bag

1 ea. Mushroom compost

1 ea. Daddy Pete’s Kickin Chicken

1 ea. Daddy Pete’s Cow Manure due to loss of availability.

1 ea. Fafard Organics Potting Mix

This will make 10 ½ cubic feet, enough to fill your box and some to spare!


This is the simplified version of square foot gardening. There is mucho information available at www.squarefootgarding.com and great videos on www.youtube.com .We have simplified it so that you can get started this is truly the best way to start gardening because you get over the hassle of working with poor soils. It is a great way to grow organically and without the back breaking work associated with row gardening. If you have any questions…… Ask. Your success is our measure or success. NOW! GET GROWING!