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We offer Cypress, Pine Bark, and Red vegetable dyed hardwood mulch by the cubic yard for $30.00. Delivery is available locally for $25.00 per truck load and each load holds up to 4 yards.

We get our mulch from a local supplier to reduce our carbon foot print and insure timely deliveries of fresh product.

1 cubic yard cover a 100 square Sq. Ft. (10ft x 10ft area) 3 inches deep. To determine the amount that you will need multiply the length times the width and the foot and divide by 100.

EX. 5 x 20 = 100 / 100 = 1 one yard of mulch is needed.

We also offer Pine straw from a farm in Pinehurst by the bale. Delivery price is the same as is mulch. They specialize in the freshest.

Benefits of using mulch

  • Conserves soil moisture and protects against erosion.
  • Insulates landscape against extreme temperatures.
  • Renewable- hardwood mulches are byproducts of other industries, natural woods are from sustainable forest and pine straw is from managed forest.
  • Enhances the aesthetics of any landscape.
Reduces weed growth.


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